About us


We aim to provide a safe and open environment for gay, straight and bisexual individuals to participate in sport, regardless of; age, ability, experience or sexual orientation.

The club will promote access to sport for its members to learn and participate at all levels of the game – whether individuals wish to be involved in the club; socially, simply training to keep fit or playing competitively.

We provide access to sport without prejudice. 

Bristol Bisons RFC is the South West’s first inclusive rugby team and since 2005 has welcomed players (and supporters) of all abilities, backgrounds and sexualities from Bristol, Somerset, South Gloucestershire and the surrounding areas.

We are a group of gay, straight, and bisexual guys who get together to play rugby both on a friendly and competitive basis. We host a huge range of diversity within our membership, all united together through a passion for rugby.

Our history

Bristol Bisons RFC was formed in 2005 after a few players visited the Bingham Cup – the World Cup of inclusive rugby. The founding members where keen to establish a safe environment for all players regardless of sexual orientation in the South West of the United Kingdom. Training for the new team had started earlier that year and the first game took place shortly after with a team made up of players from Bristol and Manchester.

The club has been represented at each Union Cup since 2005. Despite going through a quiet spell, the club relaunched itself in 2009 with new kit and promotional material. The relaunch was successful and pulled in a core of players who would then be the basis for the club to progress into what it is today.

In 2011 The Bisons were selected to host the 2013 Union Cup tournament. Seeing several hundred rugby players descend upon Bristol for a weekend of celebrating LGBTQ+ sport, contributing greatly to the local economy and raising awareness within the Bristol community.

2016 saw the Bisons move to their new home with the support of Clifton Rugby Football Club. Providing access to newer facilities including better pitches for training and games. This saw the Bisons move from strength to strength. Doubling membership numbers of 2011 to 60+ registered players and supporters. Also in 2016, the Bisons were founding members of the UK IGR Southern League, in which we compete every year, playing teams from all over the South of the UK from Swansea to Southampton.

The Bisons where then able to secure a new main shirt sponsor through Event Exchange ltd in 2017. With their support and backing, the club has been able to invest in equipment, and and two full playing kits. With this backing the team where able to field full squads for the 2018 Bingham Cup in Amsterdam and 2019 Union Cup in Dublin. The club has competed at the highest level for these tournaments and within the IGR League.

2019 has also seen the club rebrand take place with a new modern club logo. Celebrating the club’s growth and setting up for years to come.