Donald Calcott

  • Joined Bisons: 2013
  • Role: The Club Chairperson is the leader of the herd. They provide leadership to all aspects of the club, are responsible for developing the club, and make the difficult decisions no-one else wants to.
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Club Secretary

    David Mason

  • Joined Bisons: 2018
  • Role: The Club Secretary keeps the club functioning smoothly, responsible for all club administration, and the main point of communication. "Moving to Bristol from the other end of the country with no friends or family near me, the Bisons have become the family I needed most when I needed them most"
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Rugby Manager

    Alex McGarry

  • Joined Bisons:
  • Role: The Rugby Manager is responsible for what happens on the pitch. They work with the coaching team to support player development, organise fixtures, and help improve the playing performance of the club.
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    Alex Batt

  • Joined Bisons: 2018
  • Role: The Treasurer holds the purse strings, looking after the club’s finances, supporting our fundraising, and contributing to planning the club’s future. “From my first session, I have felt welcome and accepted. Joining the Bisons has contributed greatly to my happiness in the last few years".
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Membership secretary

    Bernie Francis

  • Joined Bisons: 2015
  • Role: The Membership Secretary is the club’s chief welcomer. They are tasked with recruiting new Bisons and welcoming them to the club, as well as organising social and fundraising events.
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Diversity & inclusion secretary

    Isaac Stephens-Parr

  • Joined Bisons: 2019
  • Role: A role designed to ensure the Bisons are as accessible and possible.
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Club President

    Murray Jones

  • Joined Bisons: 2016
  • Role: The Club President is an honorary role. They represent the club publicly and support the club in its activities and public profile.
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