Bisons welcome Buffaloes to the herd

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14 new players join Bisons

Following a successful Open Session on Saturday 03 April, we are lucky enough to have welcomed 14 new players into our team so far, with more new players expressing interest and joining all the time.

A warm “Bisons, Bisons, Bisons” welcome to Will, Dan, Richard, Chris, Alex, Jamie, Chris, Simon, Ben, Gavin, Kyle, Ricky and Connor! Welcome to the herd – we’ve had great fun training with you over the last month and now we can’t wait to take the next step together as restrictions continue to ease.

This latest wave of new players brings the Bisons herd up to a total of almost 70 players for the first time in our history – a real stampede of Bison!

We also have some exciting news to share about our coaching team … but we’ll keep that for another day. Instead, over the Bank Holiday Weekend, we will join sports clubs across the country in a Social Media Boycott in solidarity against online abuse.